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About Us


On behalf of my entire team, I am pleased to have you as a customer and want to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting my firm to handle all your tax and financial needs. 

We are committed to surpassing all your expectations by making every effort to provide you with superior service and professional counsel in 2014. 


Our Commitment to you:

Our Goal and Commitment to our Customers for 2014 will be to incorporate a Team approach to our Firm’s communications and project management in order to provide Higher Quality Customer Service to each customer. 


New Business Model introduction:

Our hope this year is to create the right environment that is favorable towards transforming our business practice to a Customer Driven Value-based business model for 2015.

This new model will improve the relationship we have with you by requiring an upfront conversation to build upon a mutually shared vision of how we will provide real value that meets your needs. All expectations and responsibilities during the engagement year will be written into a Fixed Price Agreement (FPA) before our services begin. 

This will include, but not be limited to:

1.      Upfront guaranteed fixed pricing you can depend on.

2.      Service Packages based on what the Customer wants.

3.      Targeted definitive scheduling of information transfer and workflow for On Time delivery.

4.      Pre-authorized arrangements for customized payment terms.

5.      A comprehensive Service Guarantee.

6.      Service Package options can include; Unlimited Conversations, Future Wealth Planning, Advanced Business Advisory and/or IRS Audit Insurance.


Introducing: New Team Member Role

In order for this to take place I have promoted Sheila Bernstein to a new position:

Chief Value Officer and Project Manager

This Tax Season, She is Responsible for:

·         Create and implement our new Customer Service initiative.

·         Initiate personal communications to Customers to improve their relationship with our Firm.

·         Ensure that all customer engagement letters and FPA’s are signed before work starts.

·         Arrange receipt of payments based on the Term agreement prior to a project starting.

·         Monitor receipt of customer work packages to confirm they are in suitable work condition. 

·         Initiate corrective communications on missing or late information that may delay project start and/or delivery.

·         Oversee proper scheduling of all tax and accounting projects and tasks.

·         Managing Project workflow to ensure returns are delivered by the target date.

·         Sending Communications to customers regarding Firm’s technology innovations.

·         You may contact her via phone at extension 10 or email her at regarding:

o   Special target date requests on Tax return or other product delivery.

o   Payment term structuring requests.

o   Questions or concerns regarding the Firm’s general procedures and responsibilities to its customers.

o   Any suggestions that will improve the services that we provide you.


Also New this year:

1.      All invoices and statements will be sent out via e-mail to you. We will mail upon request.

2.      Portal Consolidation: All children’s tax returns, going forward, will be sent additionally to the Parent’s portal for easy sign-in access.  If you have a company with us:  All personal tax documents will also be sent to the parent company on record.

3.      You can now download our free Mobile App, “NetClient CS”, to easily view and e-print all your documents from your Portal with your Smart Phone.

4.      We will be uploading frequent posts on our FACEBOOK Page with relevant, instructive, and proactive informational links to articles and websites for business and personal enrichment.  Please “Like” our Facebook Page the next time you visit us.

Thank you again for choosing my office to service your accounting and financial needs.



Our Team